JSS teams must consist of middle school (5th – 8th grade) students. Race RulesCar Rules


At the event, participants check in their entries for specification approval before the race.

Entries will be evaluated in five (5) areas:


This category recognizes quality, thoughtfulness and care in design and assembly techniques, and planning and organization in selection and use of materials.
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Cars score high if they introduce something new and/or different. Recognize and encourage originality and uniqueness.
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Power Train

Power train design should recognize the relationship between the driving force available from the motor and the force necessary to turn the car’s wheels under a range of conditions starting from a dead stop up to achieving maximum speed.
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Solar Collection

The power available from the sun is affected by the angle of the sun’s rays when they strike the solar panel.
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Wheel and Guidance Systems

Wheel systems rely on use of two opposing concepts, friction and lubrication, to be effective. Friction or traction is necessary at the point of contact between car tires and the road.
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